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Anima Choir and Strings Services - Events

Here are some of the events and the services Anima Choir and Strings provide. The items are customizable depending on the needs of the clients, the requirements of the event, and/or the policies of the venue/s. 

Choir and Strings for your Catholic wedding Ceremony?

Anima Choir and Strings has been performing as a church choir for wedding ceremony all across Metro Manila, Alabang, Antipolo and nearby wedding destinations like Tagaytay, Batangas, Clark and Subic since 2005. As church choir for your wedding, Anima Choir and Strings can give you inputs on how to make your dream wedding soundtrack into a reality. Here are the parts of the church wedding ceremony where music is played by Anima: 

    1. Processional of the Entourage
    2. Bridal March
    3. Alleluia
    4. Music for the Wedding Rites
    5. Offertory
    6. Holy
    7. Acclamation
    8.  Amen
    9. The Lord's Prayer
    10. Lamb of God
    11. Communion
    12. Kiss-the-Bride / Signing of Contract
    13. Wedding Pictorials (6-8 songs)
    14. The Recessional

Choir and Strings for your Christian Wedding ceremony?

Anima Choir and Strings has had a lot of experience playing as choir and strings ensemble for a Christian wedding ceremony in Metro Manila, Alabang, Antipolo and nearby wedding destinations like Tagaytay, Batangas, Clark and Subic. This experience is important because Christian wedding ceremonies do not have strict formats and the choir and musicians must know the right time to play the music. Roughly, here are the parts where Anima can play your chosen wedding music:

1. Prelude
2. Processional of the Entourage
3. Bridal March
4. Music for the Wedding Vows
5. Exchange of symbols
6. Communion
7. Signing of Contract
8. Removal of Veil and Cord
9. Lighting of Unity Candle
10. Presentation of Newlyweds
11 Wedding Pictorials
12 Recessional

Vocal and Jazz Band for your Wedding Reception?

As choir / vocal and strings ensemble for wedding receptions, Anima Choir and Strings has a wide range of strings and vocal jazz and bossa standards, to mainstream and current pop and pop-rock. With interesting arrangements of alternating vocal solos with strings and backup vocals to Glee-type ensemble music, we try to balance entertainment with the overall ambiance.
    1. Introduction of the Entourage, Sponsors and Parents 
    2. Grand Entrance of the Couple
    3. First dance
    4. Music during Cake-cutting and wine-toasting ceremony
    5. Music during Lunch/Dinner (max of 45 min)
    6. Father-and-the-bride dance

Choir and Strings for your Corporate / Company Mass?

Companies and corporate events include mass as thanksgiving for a milestone achieved by their company. As choir for a Company anniversay mass, product launch mass, mass to start National Sales Conventions, thanksgiving and Founder's birthday mass, Anima Choir and Strings has been called to provide professional music service to make the occasion more solemn and extra special.

Since we are a duly-registered business with DTI, we can provide Official Receipts.


Here are the parts where we provide music:
    1. Entrance Hymn
    2. Panginoon Maawa Ka / Lord Have Mercy
    3. Luwalhati sa Diyos / Glory to God
    4. Alleluia
    5. Offertory
    6. Santo / Holy
    7. Acclamation
    8.  Amen
    9. The Lord's Prayer
    10. Kordero ng Diyos / Lamb of God
    11. Communion
    12. Recessional / Final Hymn

Entertainment for your Corporate / Company / Mall Events?

Anima has provided entertainment for several company events already. With various vocal and instrumental setups available for clients to chose from, we were able to do do interesting musical acts and classy renditions for corporate and government-sponsored events.  

We have provided music for the following segments:

1. Cocktail Music
2. Philipine National Anthem
2. Invocation
3. Music during dinner / banquet
4. Theme / Anthem song / Inspirational intermission number

*In corporate events we drop the "choir and strings" and simply use Anima as the name of the band.

Entertainment for Birthday / Debut ?

Anima has been part of several successful private functions, providing quality music entertainment. Anima has provided entertainment for milestones and birthdays (50th, 60th) and debuts of various themes (e.g. Vintage 50's, Magical, Glee).

Depending on the program flow, here are the parts where we usually play:

1. Prelude
2. Entrance of the Debutante
3. Dance of the Father and Daughter
4. Dinner / Banquet music (45mins to 1 hour)
5. Cake-cutting

Choir and Strings for Necrological mass / Wake mass / Funeral mass / 40th day mass?

Anima Choir and Strings has performed in numerous solemn gatherings when someone who passed on is remembered and life is celebrated. As choir for funeral mass/service, wake or necrological mass, and 40th day mass celebration, Anima Choir and Strings offers a selection of music to make the mass more meaningful and more solemn. Our music selections sooth the heart and provide ambience for introspection.  

    1. Entrance Hymn
    2. Panginoon Maawa Ka
    3. Alleluia
    4. Offertory
    5. Holy
    6. Acclamation
    7.  Amen
    8. The Lord's Prayer
    9. Lamb of God
    10. Communion
    11. Final Hymn
    12. Music during blessing

*We also provide instrumental duos to provide live music for the family's guests and visitors.

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