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ANIMA Choir and Strings

Wedding Choir, Strings, Singers, Musicians / Band


ANIMA Choir and String's performance setups include the stand-alone "choir only" setup, "strings only" setup, or the combined Choir and String ensemble, and Strings and Vocalists ensemble. As part of its setup, the group requires microphones to amplify the sound.

Choir and Strings Setups

ANIMA Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist consists of four singers (1 Soprano, 1 Alto, 1 Tenor and 1 Bass) and keyboardist. This grouping is best as a choir for the ceremony, then it becomes a vocal ensemble for the love songs during pictorials and reception. Solo song renditions also come with backup vocals by the other vocalists. This rich vocal texture enables the group to perform a cappella and accompanied music of liturgical, jazz, bossa and contemporary pop music.

ANIMA Vocal Quintet with Keyboardist consists of five singers (usually 2 Sopranos, 1 Alto, 1 Tenor and 1 Bass). For themed weddings such as A cappella Mass or a Classical Mass, it is recommended to add an additional Soprano and /or an additional Tenor. While most of the time, songs can be rendered in 4-part harmony, some special choral arrangements and materials require more than 4 voices to complete the song. 

For bigger groups, a choir of six, eight, ten and twelve singers have been requested in the past not only for corporate events (where visual impact is a requirement), but also for weddings and private functions to achieve a more classical ambience.


An additional violinist provides the primary "strings" texture to compliment the rich vocal texture of the Vocal Quartet for a more elegant and classic sound. Paired with the keyboardist, instrumental music and instrumental portions of a song can be rendered with the violin as the lead instrument.

An additional flutist complements the elegant sound of the violinist. The flute (a wind instrument) provides another layer of texture and counterpoint to the violin, voices and the keyboard, making the overall sound a lot more interesting.

An additional percussionist provides the beats and filler sounds which is best for reception music. As the rhythm section of the ensemble, it gives the upbeat songs the strong beats, as well as the laid back music with a steady pulse.

An additional cello and/or bass compliments the strings provided by the violin. They support the middle and low registers to create a richer and fuller string ensemble sound. This type of setup is best for repertoire with Classical, Broadway and Disney and standard selections.

Strings And Vocalists Setups

There are packages for clients who want to avail of our high caliber soloists and instrumentalists instead of a full choir-and-strings service.The Anima String Quintet (5 in a team), Quartet (4 in a team), Trio (3 in a team) and Duo (2 in a team) Packages combine our ANIMA Male and/or Female Soloists' voices and ANIMA instrumentalists in one package. The male and/or female soloists provide the basic vocal melodies (minus the harmonies of a choir and the backup vocals of a vocal ensemble).The keyboardist and set of instrumentalists create the instrumental backdrop supporting the singers.

Quintet 1: Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violinist, Percussionist
Quintet 2: Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violinist, Flutist
Quintet 3: Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violinist, Flutist, Percussionist 

Quartet 1: Male vocalist and Female vocalist, Keyboardist, Violinist 
Quartet 2: Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violinist, Percussionist 
Quartet 3: Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violinist, Flutist
Quartet 4: Keyboard, violin, flute and Cello OR Double Bass OR Percussion

From here, additional instruments can be added to form Sextet (6 in a team), Septet (7 in a team), Octet (8 in a team) setups. Or conversely, deducting one or two instruments will form a Trio or Duo:

Trio 1: Keyboard, violin and Vocalist
Trio 2: Keyboard, violin and flute
Trio 3: Keyboard, violin and percussion
Trio 4: Keyboard, Male vocalist and Female vocalist
Duo 1: Keyboard and violin
Duo 2: Keyboard and flute
Duo 3: Keyboard and Vocalist

NEW!!!  MIXED GROUPINGS for Ceremony and Reception*

How about a Choir for the ceremony and a smaller group for the reception?

Anima‚Äôs latest offering is for clients who wish for a choir-and-strings service at the church but less number of singers during the reception. 
Ceremony Group
Reception Group
 Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin
Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violin
 Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin
Male and Female Vocalists, Keyboardist, Violin
Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin, Percussion
Keyboardist, Violin and Percussion
Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin, Percussion 
Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violin and Percussion
Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin, Percussion
Male and Female Vocalists, Keyboardist, Violin, Percussion
Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin, Flute
Keyboardist, Violin and Flute
Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin, Flute  
Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violin and Flute
Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin, Flute
Male and Female Vocalists, Keyboardist, Violin, Flute
Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin, Flute, Percussion
Keyboardist, Violin, Flute, Percussion
Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin, Flute, Percussion
Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violin and Flute, Percussion
Vocal Quartet with Keyboardist, Violin, Flute, Percussion
Male and Female Vocalists, Keyboardist, Violin, Flute, Percussion 

*subject for availability of artists


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