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Wedding Music Tip no. 8: " Where to put in the program flow if a guest will render a special song for the couple"

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 4:40 AM

I received a message from one of our clients inquiring about this, so:


If you know that a guest will be singing a special song and will request the musicians to provide accompaniment, let your musicians know in advance what song and which version the guest will be singing. Then we recommend the top two following parts of the program where the guest can be introduced by the host to render the special number:


a. After the last song of the musicians' dinner music set - this ensures that all the settings of the musicians' instruments are still turned "on", plus this makes the transition to the next portion of the program to either AVPs, or speeches; or


b. After the first or second well-wishers/speakers - provides a musical break in a set of speeches.

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