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Wedding Music Tips series on Facebook (1 to 6)

Posted on September 26, 2012 at 4:00 AM

Last September 3, we launched our Wedding Music Tips series at our Facebook page. Since a lot of our clients are also using Facebook, we thought of introducing the Tips there to reach more audience, backed by the most popular social media today. So far, we have managed to post our first 6 wedding tips. And we're posting them all here as a way to compile them and make them more accessible to you. Here they are:

Wedding Music Tip no 1: Know the wedding music policy of your church/ceremony venue. Ask if there are particular restrictions for Processional of the entourage, Bridal March, and pictorials. Are some parts of the mass to be recited? Or can those parts be sung? Ask these items before you book the venue (or immediately after reading this post), and ask them again 2 months before your wedding date to note if there have been changes. Happy preps! (Sept 3 2012)

Wedding Music Tip no 2: If you have a Bridal March song in mind already, get in touch with your wedding musicians. Ask the group if they can do it. Get inputs on how it will be rendered as your Bridal March song. It should be rendered to fit the "slow-walk feel" to add drama to your once-in-a-lifetime march down the aisle. (Sept 4 2012)

Wedding Music Tip no 3: It's good to plan with your wedding musicians your Bridal March song, especially if your church venue has a short aisle (like Magallanes church). Are there particular parts of the song you want included? For comparison, in Magallanes Church the Bridal March will be around 2mins, while in St. James Alabang, it will be around 4mins. Planning ahead prevents those awkard moments when the Priest is ready to start the ceremony but the choir is still the middle of their song. (Sept 4 2012)

Wedding Music Tip no 4: For the mass parts that will be sung on your wedding ceremony, please indicate "to be sung" and put a colored marker or a highlighter on it in the commentator’s and the priest’s copy of the misalette. This is to avoid those awkward moments with the mass flow between the choir and the commentator. On the day of the event, please provide the musicians with a copy of your missalette. (Sept 5 2012)

Wedding Music Tip no 5: For music during wedding vows: Check with your videographer if they will approve of putting live instrumental music as you exchange wedding vows, especially if they will produce an on-site AVP. They usually use portions here for the AVP. Also check with your church's policy and priest/pastor's preference on this. Some churches do not allow live music during the exchange of wedding vows. (Sept 11 2012)

Wedding Music Tip no. 6: For music for the church pictorials (after mass), we suggest a song selection of medium (not too upbeat) tempo be chosen. This is to give consideration to the Commentators and Coordinators who are announcing and organizing the succession of group pictorials of your guests, and the photographers who are giving important instructions to those who are having their pictures taken. (Sept 15 2012)

We'll be posting more Wedding Music Tips in our Facebook page. Have you visited our FB page lately? If not, you can click here.

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