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Sacred Heart Makati's Guidelines for Wedding Singers and Musicians

Posted on June 2, 2009 at 11:31 AM



Each church has its own set of guidelines and policies, and you have to consider these when planning what songs to be sung/played on your wedding ceremony.


I just want to share with you the guidelines for wedding music from The National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary in Makati (more popularly known simply as SacredHeart). This document from Sacred Heart was emailed to us by one of our clients.




This serves as a guideline for our soloist and organist and also for their own musicians.

A.  Entrance Song / Entourage

B.   Bridal Entrance song

C.  Alleluia (not sung during Lentenseason)

D.  Offertory Song

E.  Great Amen

F.   Our Father (English/Tagalogversions)

G.  Communion Song

H.  Picture Taking (max of 4 songs/depending on time left)

I.     Recessional


From Alleluia to Communion, songs must be liturgical. Love songs can only be played at the Entrance, Bridal March, Picture Taking andRecessional. Below are examples of Liturgical Songs for their reference.


OFFERTORY (1 song only) - song must end upon completion of priest's preparation

( )   I Offer My Life                               

( )   One Hand, One Heart                

( )   Take & Receive  

( )  Blest Are You Lord, God of All Creation 

( )  All That I Am                        

( )  Paghahandog Ng Sarili

COMMUNION (1 song only)

( )   Tanging Yaman                           

( )   Sa'yo Lamang                              

( )   Panunumpa                                  

( )   The Prayer  

( )  Lead Me Lord 

( )  One More Gift   

( )  Come To Me                            

( )   Panalanging Maging Bukas Palad

The church is not too conservative when it comes to songs for Bridal March, which is a great news to those who will have their weddings here. Love songs are allowed for the Marches as long as the lyrics,  tempo and delivery do not disturb the sanctity of the church.



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